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Todd Emil Hans

Runddans / w/exclusive Bonus Remixes CD

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Release Date: 04/05/2015

Discs: 1

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Runddans is the result of the collaboration between Todd Rundgren, Hans-Peter Lindstrom and Emil Nikolaisen. It’s a spiritual magnusopus, that stands alongside Rundgren's most worshipped trippy albums of the seventies, fusing his blue eyed soul with Lindstrom’s disco epics and Emil Nikolaisen’s studio trickery into a cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop and disco.

CD comes with exclusive Bonus CD of Remixes.

1. B for Birth
2. Liquid Joy from the Womb of Infinity
3. Oppad, Over Skyene
4. Solus
5. Put Your Arms Around Me
6. Altar of Kauaian Six String (Todd's Solo)
7. Out of My Head (Lone Vibes)
8. Rundt Rundt Rundt
9. Wave of Heavy Red (Disko-Nektar)
10. T.H.E. Golden Triangle (Dry Mouthed Gargoyles in a Fountain of Fluorescent Shepard Tones)
11. Ravende Gal (Full Circle)
12. Ohr.. Um.. Am.. Amen (Aftermath).